Pavement Signs & A-Boards

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Eco Swinger
Swinger 2
Swinger 3000 - Pavement Sign
Swinger 4000
Sentinel A1 Pavement Sign
Chalkboard A-Board
A-Master A-Board
Booster A-Board, Round Top
A-Board - Water Fillable, A1 size
Pavement Signs and A-Boards are one of the most widely used and most cost-effective ways for businesses to inform and generate increased enquiries and sales. Our comprehensive range of attractive outdoor pavement signs, a boards, swing signs, sandwich boards and pavement signage has been carefully designed and proven to be both durable and long lasting for all weather conditions.
We have the widest selection of different styles, finishes, formats and sizing available to suit all business sectors.
Although Pavement Signage can be used single sided, the great advantage of the system is that you can display two sides to convey the same or differing messages. Our pricing INCLUDES printing on BOTH sides when printing option is selected.

The most widely used types of Pavement Signs are:
  • A-Board Signs - Most commonly seen as chalkboards or as boards with printed posters inside. They are ideal for advertising a sale or special offer.
  • Swing Board Signs - These have less wind resistance and are great for grabbing attention, regardless of where you place them. Swing pavement signs are often used by shops, restaurants and pubs. Eco friendly solid pvc sign bases manufactured from recycled material.
  • Flexible Pavement Signs - These are made using a flexible printed panel, that is then wedged into a solid base. Flexible pavement signs are often seen outside of shops cafes and restaurants, usually with bright and lively prints. We also other a bespoke shape cutting service - which can really create ey-catching signage with creative design possibilities. Eco friendly solid pvc sign bases manufactured from recycled material.
  • Forecourt Signs - Larger and heavier and with greater wind resistance, which ensures their presence is known at all times. Forecourt pavement signs are most commonly seen in large open areas, such as outside of a garage or car park, as they are very easy to see.